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Monde Crusher Buckets are a type of high-performance excavator crusher equipment for crushing a wide range of sizes and types of both wet and dry materials right on the job site. Crusher Buckets are capable of crushing a wide range of sizes and types of material, including brick, rock, reinforced concrete, natural aggregates, concrete, tiles, glass, and asphalt slabs. Unaffected by the presence of earth, wet or humid material, or iron rods. wide range of options to improve productivity and eliminate dust from crushing. All of these excavator crusher buckets are easy to use and can produce valuable material right on-site in a variety of sizes without additional trucking costs.

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Monde® is the leader in crusher buckets in China suitable for 6-90 tons excavators. Crusher Bucket is usually installed on the excavator, using the hydraulic power of the excavator, relying on the strong pinch of the upper and lower jaws to crush the stone, which can crush the stone and construction waste, and can quickly separate the steel bars in the concrete, which can reduce the handling of concrete blocks on the project site. The transportation and other engineering costs caused by the crushed stone have prompted the concrete waste to be directly recycled and reused on the construction site.

Excavator Weightt6-1010-1818-3030-4550-7075-90
Bucket Capacity0.20.450.741.151.472.23
Oil FlowL/min45-5580-100180-220260-280340-360440-460
Feeding Sizemm400×330400×550500×700500×1000670×1150670×1315
Whole Sizemm1630x1030x11501950x1120x15002505x1325x17302345x1575x16652880x2015x21352880x2270x2135
Overall Weightkg88813603450422068507668

Monde is an authorized manufacturer of crusher buckets of Ueda in Japan. It adopts Japanese technology and is the first crusher bucket manufacturer in China. Available in 7-90ton models. More than 90% of the whole machine uses HARDOX 500 steel (HARDOX&SSAB from Sweden), which is three times the life of ordinary steel plates. With rock-solid quality and an affordable price.

Monde crusher buckets use Europe Motors, and other hydraulic parts are imported from Japan. Monde crusher bucket working is motor direct connection: Compared with the belt drive system (the belt transmission will often loosen during use, and the belt needs to be changed frequently) of other manufacturers, we use the motor direct drive system, which is more powerful, more efficient, and easier to maintain.

The discharge outlet can be adjusted: 15-120mm crushed material can be obtained, and you can get any size of material you want.
The rear and front sections jaw plates can be exchanged with each other, and use Mn18Cr2MoNi jaw plate with long lifetime. On average 8 hours per day, 6 months change one set jaw plate.

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According to the needs of customers and working conditions are more and more extensive: quarry crushing rough stone, iron ore, pebbles, etc., we are constantly designing, researching and improving, crusher buckets are suitable for various working conditions and have higher efficiency, stronger stability, and longer service life.

Crusher Bucket applications in industrial environments, including construction engineering, energy, mining, construction waste, etc. Crusher Bucket is strong and can easily crush rough stone, cobblestone, concrete, limestone, talc, etc.

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We show Monde® attachments at Conexpo 2023 in Las Vegas from March 14th to March 18th.

  • We can offer a comprehensive range of excavator attachments such as crusher buckets, screening buckets, hydraulic breakers, quick couplers, grapple, compactor, rippers, excavator buckets, etc.
  • You may rest assured that all of our products can be supplied in a wide range of designs, and the product can be customized according to your personalized requirements. Meanwhile, we can offer an excellent after-sale service.
  • Monde is guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of one year. Within the first 12 months, we offer a free replacement service.
  • Offer your design documents or tell us your ideas and our R&D team will do the rest.
  • We will keep your business information confidential.
  • We promise to reply to you upon receipt of your inquiry within 12 hours.
  • The order will be produced exactly according to your detailed requirements and the dimensions of the attachment. Each attachment will be tested before delivery. Our QC will submit an inspection report before shipment.

As an excavator attachment manufacturer with 15 years of experience, Monde has won the trust of huge customers from all over the world with product quality and perfect after-sales service.