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    Hydraulic Breakers For Excavators

    Excavator hydraulic hammers or hydraulic breakers are attachments designed to break up concrete, rock, and other hard materials. They make short work in a wide range of industries such as construction, demolition, and mining. Excavator hydraulic hammers are mounted on the booms of excavators which help workers increase their productivity on the job site. They all come in many sizes for your excavator based on your breaking needs and operating budget.
    At MONDE, we offer 3 types of hydraulic breakers for excavators:

    • SIDE TYPE: Reducing total length. More convenience to handle the breaking objects and easy maintenance.
    • TOP TYPE: Easy control and easy position, make it more convenient to do excavation work without side weight, reducing the rate of chisel breakage Longer total length, and heavier total weight.
    • SILENCED TYPE: Low noise level. Full-closed housing to protect the main body.

    Make sure you have the right equipment to take on the toughest jobs. Take a look at these hydraulic hammers to find the one that can complete the job while maximizing your uptime and profitability.