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  • excavator tree sheardigger tree shear

    Best Tree Shear For Excavator

    Monde excavator tree shear is one of the easiest tree shears to use on the market, with quick and easy alignment and simple grab-to-cut action, the cutting cycle is rapid. Fitted with a bolt-on Hardox 500 blade for an extra sharp cut with extended durability, this tree shear can cut through hardwoods of up to 200-350 mm in one motion.

  • mechanical concrete crusher for excavatorexcavator concrete crusher

    Concrete Crusher For Excavator

    Monde concrete crusher is a tool designed for controlled demolition and recycling of concrete slabs, walls, bridge decks, and more! This concrete crusher is also an ideal tool for separating concrete from rebar! The concrete crusher attachment is a mechanical structure, there is no hydraulics for it to operate. The force of the jaws of this concrete crusher machine crunches up the concrete and cleans it off the rebar, allowing for easy separation from the rest of the rubble. Concrete crushers for excavators are essential for speedy demolition. Buy this excavator concrete crusher today and be sure to check out our other excavator attachments for sale.

  • crusher buckets for excavatorsmonde-crusher-bucket

    Crusher Buckets For Excavators For Sale

    Monde Crusher Buckets are a type of high-performance excavator crusher equipment for crushing a wide range of sizes and types of both wet and dry materials right on the job site. Crusher Buckets are capable of crushing a wide range of sizes and types of material, including brick, rock, reinforced concrete, natural aggregates, concrete, tiles, glass, and asphalt slabs. Unaffected by the presence of earth, wet or humid material, or iron rods. Wide available range of options to improve productivity and eliminate dust from crushing. All of these excavator crusher buckets are easy to use and can produce valuable material right on-site, in a variety of sizes without the additional trucking costs.

  • excavator demolition grappledemolition and sorting grapples

    Demolition And Sorting Grapples

    Excavator demolition and sorting grapples are used for steel scraps, waste handling, loading, and unloading. They can be attached to an excavator’s arm and are typically made from high-strength steel. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as landscaping, construction, and mining. The stone clamp can also be used to break up large rocks and stones and move them to a different location.

  • rotary drum cutterdrum cutters for excavator

    Drum Cutter Attachment For Excavator

    Drum cutter designed for trenching, tunneling, foundation work, and demolition. The operation characteristics allow them to be utilized in noise and vibration-sensitive areas. A low vibration profile means there is no damage to sensitive structures and it can be used without inconveniencing others in the area.
    The ER series can be adjusted to suit special applications such as tunneling, profiling, or even wood cutting.


    • Cutting of trenches and shafts in hard ground.
    • Trimming of concrete and asphalt.
    • Trimming the surface of second bored piles.
    • Cutting of tunnel profiles.
    • Any kind of rock excavation.
    • Removing stumps and roots of trees.
  • excavator bucket with thumbThumb Bucket

    Excavator Bucket With Thumb

    Excavator bucket with thumb provides great functionality to your excavator and backhoe. Like the thumb on your hand, the hydraulic thumb allows the excavator to grasp objects, are the ideal attachment for handling debris, scraps, or any bulk materials requiring a clamp for removal purposes.

    Main Features
    1. Thumb tines mesh with bucket teeth.
    2. Hydraulic cylinders with extra heavy-duty rods.
    3. Fully hydraulic allowing precise control of thumb.
    4. Installs easily, saving time by eliminating the setting and welding of loose parts.

    Excavator thumb buckets are available in a variety of sizes to facilitate your need. Highest-quality steel fabrication allows you the best product available at the best prices you’ll ever experience.

  • excavator clam shell bucketExcavator Clamshell Bucket

    Excavator Clam Shell Bucket

    Excavator clam shell bucket is the bucket that can open and close to grasp the sediment and all kinds of bulk cargo. It is a kind of spreader that mainly rely on the left and right two combined bucket or multiple jaw opening crawl and unloading materials.

    The grab overall structure is light and durable,offering high grabbing ratio,strong closing force and high material filling rate.

    Apply to groove, such as the foundation ditch limited, space mining and mud, sand coal, gravel loaded, and can also be used to ship, train, automible loading and unloading the above material.

    The capacity can be customized from 0.5 cbm to 3 cbm.

  • excavator compaction wheelcompaction wheel

    Excavator Compaction Wheel

    Monde Compaction Wheels are designed to deliver optimal performance through quicker compaction – more particularly in trenches. They deliver exceptional compaction on the toughest terrains, under the harshest conditions, while lasting longer, using less fuel, and minimizing operational costs.

  • hydraulic demolition cutterexcavator hydraulic cutter

    Excavator Hydraulic Cutter

    The excavator multifunctional hydraulic crusher is the ideal tool in the rescue process.

    The double oil cylinder body is equipped with a variety of different structures of the jaw, realizing the separation, and shearing removing in the rescue process, making the rescue higher working efficiency.

    The double oil cylinder is with large opening design, so the work is easy, convenient flexible operation, and ensures powerful motivation of equipment.

    Work efficiency is two to three times of a broken hammer, fully mechanized, safe, and saving time.

  • monde hydraulic pulverizerexcavator hydraulic pulverizer

    Excavator Hydraulic Pulverizer

    Excavator hydraulic pulverizers (commonly known as hydraulic shears, hydraulic clamps, or demolition shears) are composed of a caliper body, a hydraulic cylinder, a movable cymbal, and a fixed cymbal. The external hydraulic system provides oil pressure to the hydraulic cylinder so that the movable shovel and the fixed squeezing force of the hydraulic smashing tongs are combined one by one to achieve the effect of smashing the object.

  • demolition shear for saledemolition shears

    Excavator Hydraulic Shear

    Excavator multi-functional hydraulic shear is the ideal tool in the rescue process. Double oil cylinder body is equipped with a variety of different structure of jaw, realizing the separation, shearing, removing in the rescue process, making the rescue higher working efficiency. Double oil cylinder is with large opening design, so the work is easy,convenient, flexible operation, and ensure powerful motivation of equipment. Work efficiency is two to three times of broken hammer, fully mechanized, safe and saving time.


  • excavator mulchermulcher for excavator

    Excavator Mulcher

    Excavator mulcher, a hydraulic electric felling machine, is used for forest harvesting, timber production, twigs, etc., as well as wood construction, railway sleeper sawing, and so on. A hydraulic felling machine is especially suitable for pruning in high-risk areas. The product has many advantages such as high power, low vibration, high sawing efficiency, and low cost of logging.

  • ripper shank for excavatorexcavator ripper

    Frost Ripper For Mini Excavator

    Ripper also can be named digging ripper. It is used for digging hard soil, frozen soil, soft rock, weathered rock, and cracked rock. It also can remove the root of the trees and other barriers. Special for the mantle rock, clay, sandy stratum, and weathered layer.

  • hydraulic breakers for excavatorsmini excavator jack hammer

    Hydraulic Breakers For Excavators

    Excavator hydraulic hammers or hydraulic breakers are attachments designed to break up concrete, rock, and other hard materials. They make short work in a wide range of industries such as construction, demolition, and mining. Excavator hydraulic hammers are mounted on the booms of excavators which help workers increase their productivity on the job site. They all come in many sizes for your excavator based on your breaking needs and operating budget.
    At MONDE, we offer 3 types of hydraulic breakers for excavators:

    • SIDE TYPE: Reducing total length. More convenience to handle the breaking objects and easy maintenance.
    • TOP TYPE: Easy control and easy position, make it more convenient to do excavation work without side weight, reducing the rate of chisel breakage Longer total length, and heavier total weight.
    • SILENCED TYPE: Low noise level. Full-closed housing to protect the main body.

    Make sure you have the right equipment to take on the toughest jobs. Take a look at these hydraulic hammers to find the one that can complete the job while maximizing your uptime and profitability.

  • excavator plate compactorhydraulic compactor for excavator

    Hydraulic Plate Compactor For Mini Excavator

    Monde Plate Compactor can be used on all kinds of excavators. Industry-leading technology protects the machine from excessive vibrations yet offers excellent compaction ability. When your work takes you into the trenches, onto steep slopes, or within tight spaces, a rugged Monde Plate Compactor can help you navigate and dominate. Effective and efficient compaction in hard-to-reach areas like trenches and on slopes. Reduces the need for manual compaction in the trench, increasing job site safety and operator comfort.

  • wood grapplegrapples

    Log Grapple For Excavator

    As one of the leading excavator attachment manufacturers in China, Monde has a full range of grapples suitable for all kinds of brand excavators.

    According to the function of hydraulic grapple, it can be divided into sugarcane, round wood, stone grapple, and so on;

    According to the working principle, it has hydraulic grapple and mechanical grapple.

    According to the teeth, it has two teeth, five, teeth, and seven teeth.