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  • excavator tree sheardigger tree shear

    Best Tree Shear For Excavator

    Monde excavator tree shear is one of the easiest tree shears to use on the market, with quick and easy alignment and simple grab-to-cut action, the cutting cycle is rapid. Fitted with a bolt-on Hardox 500 blade for an extra sharp cut with extended durability, this tree shear can cut through hardwoods of up to 200-350 mm in one motion.

  • excavator demolition grappledemolition and sorting grapples

    Demolition And Sorting Grapples

    Excavator demolition and sorting grapples are used for steel scraps, waste handling, loading, and unloading. They can be attached to an excavator’s arm and are typically made from high-strength steel. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as landscaping, construction, and mining. The stone clamp can also be used to break up large rocks and stones and move them to a different location.

  • excavator bucket with thumbThumb Bucket

    Excavator Bucket With Thumb

    Excavator bucket with thumb provides great functionality to your excavator and backhoe. Like the thumb on your hand, the hydraulic thumb allows the excavator to grasp objects, are the ideal attachment for handling debris, scraps, or any bulk materials requiring a clamp for removal purposes.

    Main Features
    1. Thumb tines mesh with bucket teeth.
    2. Hydraulic cylinders with extra heavy-duty rods.
    3. Fully hydraulic allowing precise control of thumb.
    4. Installs easily, saving time by eliminating the setting and welding of loose parts.

    Excavator thumb buckets are available in a variety of sizes to facilitate your need. Highest-quality steel fabrication allows you the best product available at the best prices you’ll ever experience.

  • excavator clam shell bucketExcavator Clamshell Bucket

    Excavator Clam Shell Bucket

    Excavator clam shell bucket is the bucket that can open and close to grasp the sediment and all kinds of bulk cargo. It is a kind of spreader that mainly rely on the left and right two combined bucket or multiple jaw opening crawl and unloading materials.

    The grab overall structure is light and durable,offering high grabbing ratio,strong closing force and high material filling rate.

    Apply to groove, such as the foundation ditch limited, space mining and mud, sand coal, gravel loaded, and can also be used to ship, train, automible loading and unloading the above material.

    The capacity can be customized from 0.5 cbm to 3 cbm.

  • wood grapplegrapples

    Log Grapple For Excavator

    As one of the leading excavator attachment manufacturers in China, Monde has a full range of grapples suitable for all kinds of brand excavators.

    According to the function of hydraulic grapple, it can be divided into sugarcane, round wood, stone grapple, and so on;

    According to the working principle, it has hydraulic grapple and mechanical grapple.

    According to the teeth, it has two teeth, five, teeth, and seven teeth.

  • excavator hydraulic grapplemulti peel clamp

    Orange Peel Grapple

    Orange peel grab is mainly designed for handing bulk material in blocks, particles, and irregular sharps, such as coke, pig iron, steel scrap, slag, garbage, rock, etc. It is widely used in ports, steel plants, and garbage treatment plants, with tower cranes, ship unloaders, traveling cranes, and other types of cranes. Grab has its own hydraulic system, all key elements are imported from well-known brands to ensure high performance of grab. It is simple in structure and easy to operate.